Monday, November 16, 2009

Just watch Ms.Actress Kim Chiu here...She's wonderful beautiful young lady.Become a successful actress besides that fashion model of magazine,bench model and in Tv commercial.

I admire her wondrous looks,smile and good voice.She obtain her dreams to become an artist/good actress.okey Guys just read and watch Kim chiu story and videos here.hope u enjoy.ty

At the age of 16, Kim Chiu is the perhaps the youngest and cutest model doing the rounds of all entertainment circuits in Philippines. She is a Filipina actress of Chinese descent and was the first Teen Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, defeating 13 other teenager contestants.

Her warm and endearing smile, friendly disposition, and sense of humor made her a favorite of the Big Brother housemates. She is accomplished semi-contortionist and made all the housemates laugh at her crazy stunts. She also sang songs in Chinese...Peng you which means friend.

Born as Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu on 19 April 1990, Kim spent a total of 42 days inside the Big Brother house. She won the contest with a whopping 41.4% of the total votes. Her popularity with the audience, and media interest after winning the contest led to more acting assignments.

She has done many shows on the ABS-CBN Network with fellow Pinoy Big Brother Teen housemate Gerald Anderson, who has since then become her real life and acting love team partner. Wow i like them both u know.I always watch them in their shows.They both good artist ,sweet and attractive.

Almost six months since the Pinoy Big Brother ended, Kim and Gerald have already appeared in numerous commercials and is a familiar face on the National TV. Kim and Gerald have just completed their very first movie, First Day High and will be seen on a new primetime TV serial called “Sana Maulit Muli”, which can be viewed on the ABS-CBS network.

Although, Kim is on the highway to success and rising popularity, she has received some real harsh criticism as an actress and as a performing artist. Her first movie with partner Gerald Anderson was the the First day ang cool naman.

Kim Chiu is currently the model for Bench Jeans along with Gerald Anderson . The pair has been nick named as ‘Kimerald’ by the media.oh thats cute one.
Kim was also has a commercial in rejoice shampoo and etc.

So far ,Kim is a pretty young lady,who has a long black hair, an eye-pleaser and a go-getter. Her optimistic approach in life is sure to keep her motivated to do better.And made her beauty looks wonderfully shine.okey Guys hang on and watch her awesome videos here.hmnnnnn

Watch out Guys... Kim chiu great movies.


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