Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hi guys,whats-up .What a terrible news...oh my ...Paris Hilton and other passengers on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Maui were taken off the plane at LAX, after a passenger on the plane found a 4-inch serrated knife in a seat pocket.
The passenger brought the discovery to the attention of a flight attendant, who then called security .Paris tells TMZ. We're told all of the passengers were ordered to deplane.OK lets found out .The Security is doing a sweep of the plane, looking for other weapons. Paris Hilton was on the plane with boyfriend Cy Waits in first class, of course. The video above was taken as Paris arrived at LAX this AM.And the plane has now been swept, and the passengers are in the lounge waiting to get back on.
The Law enforcement sources tell TMZ .. the blade is a "box-cutting knife" which belongs to the airline crew.So the police was not called because airline officials knew who the knife belonged to.Oh my gosh this was amazing news.I can't believe it.Anyway guys...till here for now am getting tired already.OK till next time...see yah here.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

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Hey guys whats-up...what's the matter of getting misunderstanding?Hope both of my idol will have their reconciliation sooner.Hmnnn
According to what I heard is Toni get upset to her intimate friend Mariel Rodriguez.oh no
Speculations abound that Gonzaga and Rodriguez’s feud began after the cancellation of "The Buzz" host's movie project with Robin Padilla.

Rumors also have it that Rodriguez had been badmouthing Gonzaga, prompting the latter to confront the “E-Live” host.

Gonzaga maintained that there is no truth to the rumors. Up until today, however, she is keeping her mouth shut with regard to what caused the misunderstanding.

She explained that she doesn’t want the issue to be blown out of proportion. She also said she doesn’t want to drag other people into the controversy.

Time comes Toni had always saying she's doing ok before but the truth is she got hurt, but for now it has been enough to her to accept the reality that she feel bad.
Anyway this time she said ...She's now on the healing process.hmn

She is not closing her doors though to a possible reconciliation with Rodriguez. She said she just needs time to heal before she can speak with Rodriguez again.yes of course that's right.

“She's waiting for the day they can talk. She want to make everything clear not only by text coz too far but by personal in the E-Live.
She added: “hope in time everything be settled. Si Mariel tinuring ko yang kapatid at kapamilya ko. Hindi na siguro mawawala sa akin ‘yon.”

Friday, September 17, 2010

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Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez tie knots in Ibaloi ,Christian rites .The first was an Ibaloi ceremony called Mambunong, wherein both underwent sacred rituals, including a pig sacrifice in which the slaughtered animal’s blood was placed on their cheeks to legalize their union; a tayaw dance to announce and celebrate their marriage, and the drinking of tapuy wine to symbolize their love.Robin mother, Eva Cariño-Padilla, is an Igorot.

In a report aired in TV Patrol on Thursday, Robin only wore a bahag while Mariel was in a woven ethnic wedding dress.
Present during the Ibaloi wedding at Camp Seven were Robin’s relatives from his mother’s side and son, Ali. The rites were officiated by local mamburao or priest Jimmy Ong, who thought he was just doing it for a movie. He added in an ABS-CBN report that Robin called him to officiate the rites just to make Mariel believe that he was an Igorot.Robin then married Mariel again later in the day before a Christian pastor.Mariel is Robin’s second wife after his divorce in Australia with first partner Liezl Sicangco, with whom he has four children—Queenie, Kylie, Zhenzhen, and Ali. It was not reported if his marriage to Liezl had already been annulled in the Philippines.oh yeah guys i want to express my greetings to Robin and Mariel.Congratulation.Wishing you both best luck and good health always.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marian Rivera

According to reports, this top female star not only berated and humiliated the neophyte actress, she also held her hostage in a resort toilet. If this is true,then Who’s the hapless beginner?Bela Padilla, a show biz newcomer who is from the famous show biz clan.This is the climax of a series of incidents Bela’s camp alleged in recent interviews with media. The supposed harassment, Bela’s talent manager Claire dela Fuente said, happened in the last three months while Marian and Bela were taping episodes for the primetime drama series they star together, GMA-7’s “Endless Love.”Yes thats right...So now what will be the cause? According to the insiders it's the result of jealousy when that Bela’s love scenes with Marian’s real-life boyfriend Dingdong Dantes had incensed the top GMA female artist to no end. oh no why being jealous ha? because Bela plays Dingdong’s girlfriend in current episodes of the series.
For now...The most serious charge against Marian is for locking Bela up in a public toilet at the Fontana Resort in Pampanga during one of their tapings.After doing a love scene with Dingdong, Bela was “ordered” to get into the toilet. “Pasok,” Marian was again quoted by Claire in her interview with PEP. Bela followed, only because she thought it was an opportunity to straighten things out with Marian and make peace.But what happen...Claire said Marian then locked the door and pushed Bela to a corner then dragged her to a sink. Marian then pointed a finger in Bela’s face saying: “’Ang landi-landi mo! Ang pangit-pangit mo! Kahit kailan, huwag mong iiisipin na mai-insecure ako sa ‘yo! Hindi ka magugustuhan ni Dingdong kasi diring-diri ‘yan kapag may eksena kayo!”Thats all for now...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Friday, September 10, 2010

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

hi guys am surfing the net and looking for my idol in the youtube.And now I found his old video Mr.Jeric Raval which one of my best gwapo na idol.hmn
You guys miss him?For me i miss him,wish he gonna make more movies.Oh where is he now?
Oh yes he has a face similarity with Robin Padilla astig and handsome.Para silang magkapatid.
Miss watching his movies.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi guys,,,do you know what happen to Young actress Kim chiu now?Oh it was news that she want to take her own life after breaking up with her long time-on-partner rumored boyfriend Gerald Anderson.Oh now how can she do that.I know kim can't do ,She is still young and i know she love her family ,career ,and friends.Yes that's right.
Now guys,according to the news ,Gerald Anderson is also rumored to be courting Bea Alonzo.oh really.Well in an interview Kim chiu said that she is willing to support them if where they we're happy.But maybe she feel jealous.
So therefore now ,I heard that she commit to attempt suicide the reason why is because of breaking up with Gerald Anderson.
Kim and Gerald are both young and they couldn't build serious relationship.But they only have special relationship.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I just missing Willie Revillame the former wowowee host.His good to make people laugh with his amazing ability.I watch this old videos that made on january 2010.I miss also their games...oh yeah in this video you can see beautiful and handsome artist in ABS-CBN.You want to know?then just watch.thanks
As for me here am enjoying watching them .Congrats very enjoyable.Anyway This time/day is Willie B-day therefore you can see Willie is ,very very happy.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh yeah Guys just hang on....lets watch Magkaribal Movie in the
The best actresses are here.Let's find-out how and what is love,how it going if you have Karibal or conflict in love.hmn maybe it's nice to watch this.
Well ...come on...Actresses.Gretchen Barreto, Bea Alonzo ,Angel Aquino,Erich Gonzales...Actors...Derek Ramsay and Enchong Dee.Ok guys enjoy I did.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hi guys just watch the Movie of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes here,,,they we're lovely plus the conflict Dennis Trillo...oh no so nice movie.From Korean Novel...

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

He looks great and have wonderful voice.Keep singing...Just today I only see a taiwanese singing like this.His voice is like a girl sounds.yeah

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh yeah...Ms Venus Raj Got the 4th runner up ,shes from Philippines and the 3rd is Ukraine ,the 2nd is Ms.Australia ,the 1st runner up is Ms.Jamaica and the universe 2010 is Ms. congratulations to all of you.You all do the best.So mush proud.Two thumbs up,,,alright ...God blesses you all.Keep up the great work.Thanks to the Ms.philippines Ms.Raj who deserves a lot.Even she answers so far from the question but not a problem because she got a number 4 and because of her major major.hmnnnn
Pilipino talaga...Pinoy ako di ba? From youtube i read so many complaint of her answer.hmn but I know she did it well.yap nice smile and personality.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi guys,lets watch what happen to the other celebrity now.Like Mariel Rodriguez the host of wowowee .Ok guys hope you enjoy.Just know what happen to her ok.You have to know through the showbiz news.thanks and enjoy.
But wanna give you the detail they said Mariel would like to go anywhere it's because she is pregnant.oh is that true?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You guys know that Robin and Liezl Sicangco are break-up already?Yes thats why he wants Mariel Rodriguez now.What can be the result of Robin interest to Mariel and the Family of Robin...But I heard the news that liezl react of what Robin decided to Marry Mariel.oh no...well lets find out it here.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi guys,what a nice news,,,good to hear that Actress Krista Ranillo admit that she's already pregnant for about two months.Yes she said she will become a mother soon.Wishing her good luck and good health to the baby in the bossom.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Primary Host of Wowowee the Actor Robin Padilla...oh fallin in love to the host Ms. Mariel Rodriguez.

Do you know guys that Ms. Mariel Rodriguez the Wowowee host and Actor Robin Padilla is now fallin' in love?Oh yeah
I was heard the news that they attract feelings to each other.Oh i vote for them.They look so perfect couple if possible but the saddest thing is that Robin was already married to another and they have children's.But the lucky thing there is Mariel can just accept what Robin situation is.
Well let me say Robin now is separated with his ex-wife.I mean they broke relationship already so there was no controversial ha...exciting
Hope everything goes right with both of your love Mariel and Robin.I love you both...I saw you in wowowee and this video will stole my heart babes.hmnnn
Mariel is the girlfriend of Zanjoe Morado but maybe they don't mean't for each other .As i know Mariel is the one who is in love with Zanjoe and Zanjoe is not definitely in love because according to the news Mariel is the one who give gifts to Sanjo.OH no...thats not right.
But now...Mariel is lucky to the love of Robin,because i saw in the video they capture that Robin Gives Mariel a diamond how nice.Oh exciting to both of them.Idol astig Robin is now very in love to Mariel.Keep going and Congrats to both of you.muah
You guys like them to be together?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi guys,Do you know Actress Krista Ranillo?Maybe I guess you don't familiar with her yet.But anyway I have one photo of her here and hope you knew her already before and
By the way she has an affair with Boxing world Champion Manny Pacman.I have heard they secret,hmnnnnnn you guys know?hmn
Ops! Manny Pacquiao said he hopes that reports about Ranillo’s engagement will finally put an end to speculations that they had an affair.yeah guys ,much better now Krista Ranillo is now married ,settled down na with CEO Jefferson Niño Lim .
Wishing they live happily ever after.
Krista Ranillo, the daughter of actors Matt Ranillo III and Linda Tupaz, tied the knot with Island Pacific Supermarket CEO Jefferson Niño Lim on Sunday, August 8. wow congrats to them.

The wedding was a small, private Jewish-style ceremony held at the Hotel Maya. The outdoor ceremony itself lasted about half an hour.Nice to know the reports.Thanks for sharing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Congratulations to you Mark.Wishing you all the best luck in life.Oh yes you are the ex boyfriend of Claudine Barreto ha.Why breaking ha?
Anyway guys Just watch the big diaries of Mark Anthony here.Now He is a good actor and He comes from a great family .He was the beloved son of former actor Rudy Fernandez and actress Lorna Tolentino.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow nice girl.Keep up the great work.Take care .
You guys know them already?.Now you can know them
How should you say?Are they similar beauty or who is the beauty beauty one?lol
guess you would choose from one of them.Thanks

Monday, July 26, 2010

Marieta Subong alyas Pokwang is good when it comes to happy moments and sad.hmn
You guys agree with that? Pokwang is one of my comedian Idol.I am happy when i saw and heard her joking.Hope to be like
She was amazing lady.Good luck.Today I want to shared with you her B-day celebration inside the wowowee power house program.I wish you enjoy.Cry moment and at same time laughing.hehehe

Her teacher adviser in elementary remember her and so proud of her and of course the school where she's studying that she succeed and now become a celebrity.yes thats great...hope to be like her.nice di ba?
Am so proud of Pokwang too.Love you.muahhhhhhhh

Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is Camille and John Prats are siblings or cousin?Oh yeah lets find out.You guys what do you know?Oh yes Camille and John are they we're great.Congrats to both of you.Beautiful Camille and Handsome John.So proud to both of you,Keep up the great work.God bless .

Friday, July 16, 2010

You guys like Angelina Jolie as the best acting actress?I guess yes.She was the astig actress right?I saw her movie and she was so beautiful ,smart girl.According to the orher people ,she looks hot.hmnnnnn
Ok guys in the other hand she looks good in black hair than blond.She is an awesome girl.oh yeah I admire her.Oh by the way she has new movie and it was in titled the salt.Just watch her.thanks

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi guys ,good to hear the voice of Lady Gaga.I wasn't able to saw her before and heard her voice because I thought I don't like her.But now as i have seen her singing she's really admirable.I like her.She can sing well and can play piano.What a nice talent right?You guys like her too?hope you do.
Congratulations to you idol ,keep up the good work .ok
God bless you more.Take care.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

You guys admire her?wow she's so amazing.Her name is Amy .She was 6 years young from Las Pinas City.She got a golden i like her.Pls lets keep supporting her ,she is nice,adorable girl.So proud of her like Charice.Hope Amy will keep going.And achieve her dreams like charice did.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi guys,how do you like them?oh maybe you like them right?as permanent hosting?Well good to watch wowowee program as always.It gives me happiness.Watching people enjoy and most of all to see more blessings pouring out.God bless them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hi guys,after Willie Revillame going out to Wowowee hosting,there was Robin Padilla set as temporary host and his doing good job ,Luis Manzano too and now there was another one to hold the hosting and no other than Cesar Montano.I wish Wowowee hosting shall be good na.I don't want to have change and change the said
But anyway just depend on the Management of Wowowee and to the people who's fond of wowowee program.What they like is to be right.Ok guys the management of Wowowee choose Cesar Montano the said Host this month and hope he will be the best.Good luck.I wish he can do the best as much as Willie did.He is the host in singing Bee and he did great.Congrats
And May you guys always watching wowowee even there was so many changes done.
Anyway guys,just remember that even how many times wowowee have made changes,I tell you ...wowowee is the best!Kaya Heep-heep... Horey!So pls. be

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nice job Sarah and Rachell.
You guys,like Sarah or Rachell?Well for me I cannot choose one but both of them I like.hmnnnnnn hope you too guys.Thanks

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi guys,Hows ur day?Hope doing fine,as for me here doing great too.Oh yeah I like Regine and Ogie singing duet.They both inspiring.Congrats to both of you.Keep up he good singing duet.You're the best.
The husband and wife Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid nice voice.Keep singing.Fall in love with the song.hmnnnnn
Ogie is my Idol...oh Captain Barbel.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi guys ,do you like sarah and Mark will be together for life?Maybe yes and me yes too.
I love them both and they we;re the perfect couple if possible.I wish Sarah will accept mark,coz in reality Mark bautista Courted Miss Sarah Geronimo.Wow lovely.
ok I have video to both of them singing.Here we them.Nice di ba?
I wish they will be together for love sake and for God blessings.You guys agree?hmnnn

Monday, June 28, 2010

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Happy Birthday're so beautiful.You guys admire her too.She achieve more success already now.And I congratulate her.
In the beginning interview audition,she said ,wanted to be an artist like to be watch in tv.And that was obtain .wow nice diba?Ok wishing more blessed for her,happiness ,best luck and love on her b-day today and all the years through.
I put this video here coz I like to remember her special day and her pics from her young age.thanks

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nice song but I don't really understand what they're talking ...But the sounds is real good.OH i want to have translation of guys like the song too?Maybe you will say yes plus the lady is beautiful and the guy is handsome too.
Katrina Kaif is the lady and the guy is Ranbir Kapoor.Congrats to both of you.Keep up the good work.Nice partner ah.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Handsome si Matteo Guidicelli di ba?But His hair is not good to look for him.Maybe good that he would have haircut.Oh ok he was one of the cast bida in the prime time show in titled of Agua Bindita in AbS-CBN .With partner Andi Eigenmann.oh good pair...Am I right?hmn

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who is She?Well I can tell she is beautiful and kind girl...She is known as
Andi Eigenmann ,she is The New Princess Drama Star. Her real name is
Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann born on 1990.
She is The Daughter of Actor (Mark Gil) and (Michael De Mesa) and
Actress (Jacklyn Jose) With Her Siblings Geoff Eigenmann Sid Lucero Ryan Eigenmann and Maxine Eigenmann .oh yeah thats only short info. ofe her.Ok till here...till next time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wow go go go both has great voice...congrats ...nakakainlove kayo...hmnn
Keep up the good work...Wow you both is a nice loveteam perfect.Melai is a joker at same time jason seems serious sometimes...hehehe
Ok do you feel for them?
For me Oh feel happy for them.Nakaka inlove sila talaga.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi guys...i like this song...we belong
Mariah Carey sung it...oh love it yah.ok guys just shared with you my favorite songs.Hope you like it too.hmnnnn

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi guys...wanted to dance with Vhong Navarro?Well Yes!
I admire Him so much...always making me smile na.hehehe
Nice job Idol.Take care and be happy always.Love yah.

You guys like Vhong Navarro too?He is a good actor ,comedian and especially good dancer...yes give five for Him...thanks
just watch him here...oh yeah.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is celebrities face is the same look with make-up and without?You guys what can you say?
For me the others are beautiful when they have make-up but the others have same looks ,i mean normal beauty.oh yeah

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jennica Alexis M. Garcia was born on December 26, 1989 in Quezon City, Philippines.She is a Filipina actress and the daughter of Jean Garcia. She has a GMA Network Artist contract.
Jennica Garcia is a beautiful lady very energetic.She is the only daughter of Jean Garcia and Jigo Garcia. She has a half-brother named Kotaro.
Jennica Garcia is one of the best actress I admire.She's good in acting plus sexy and beautiful.You guys admire her too?Hope you do.ok thats all for her...just watch her here.So kulit.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hi guys how are u today?Hope you all are doing fine.As for me here am doing ok..and was so happy watching this show Pilipinas Got Talent.Oh amazing...Just watch the guy who play magic here...Terrible.OK till here and enjoy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks be to God He gives so wonderful talent ,courage,strength to this amazing guy without no limbs,no Arms,He is the isnpiration of all people that He can do what a complete person can be...I admire Him a lot .He was great.God bless Him a lot and all of us people.Please lets give him around of applause.So guys I share this video to all of you so that you can also watched.Ok till here now.Baboo

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hi guys i would like to share with u the video I watched today...It was funny but awesome if it is real.I wish no children like this nowadays.If ever a baby is inherit this kind of habit smoking ,early in this world he will die.ohhhh no...hope the father of this baby in the video will realize and be awake of the bad habit that the baby has.ok guys.till here na.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

wow who is she?She dance well and sung good too.Congratulations to you beautiful lady.Wishing you all the best.Keep up the great work.So proud of you Thalia.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love his voice ...He is awesome,can play piano and can sing so great.I admire him.Keep up the good work Greyson.Love yah.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Actor Robin Padilla was now hosting in Wowowee .Primary Substitute of Willie Revillame.Wow He was so astig...He is handsome too.I admire his Astig style.As usual i am proud of Him.Good luck in your job Robin my Idol.Keep up the good work .Hoping you all the best luck in doing that kind of job.Hope you are happy doin' that,do your best just making people happy.God bless u.
Willie Revillame retired in hosting wowowee because of their controversy with Jobert Sucaldito.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I salute you Kim Tae Hee in your beautiful personality with a real smile.Yes wonderful.You guys like Kim Tae Hee?I mean did u admire her?She is a good actress and lovely too.So lovely lady.You want a piece of smile of her?Yes sure.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wow I really like this song.It touches my heart.Yes I believe that true love is not by age measured but in the pure heart,no matter what ,no matter who you are,still loving you.okey nice di ba!
Erick Santos sung well this song.And it really touchable.oh yes...Hope you like it guys.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi guys,Hows your voting system?Do you know who was the new elected president for 2010?I guess yes!
By the way our new elected President was Nonoy Aquino.Hows that going now?Is he worthy to be the President of the Philippines?Well just give me your answer...If you answer Yes... then we're the same.Thanks for that.God bless us all.And wishing the best luck and guidance,love,peace,progress and being a good leader to our new elected President for this year 2010.A good leader is a gift and a blessing from God.So congratulations to Honorable Benigno Nonoy Aquino III.Welcome to the white House in Malacañang Palace.You're turn has come.God bless us all.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I like both couple partner Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.You guys who do u want to be partner of Park Shin Hye to both Lee Min Ho vs.Jang Geun Suk?ok have a nice
Oh my gosh so beautiful/handsome admirable beauty of Korean and Chinese.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi guys you like POKWANG too?.Alright I guess yes.She was my idol and she has a very good talent ,knows how to sing and dance plus a great funny comedian .hmnnnnn
ok this video will show u how nice she Is.luv yah

Thursday, May 6, 2010

WOWOWEE main man Willie Revillame threatens ABS-CBN that he will resign if entertainment columnist and host Jobert Sucaldito will not be fired from the network.
Why they have controversy? Well let's find out ok.
Revillame made the announcement Tuesday afternoon after Sucaldito, in his radio program, questioned Wowowee for preferring students with 75-79 grades to grace the show.Oh my bakit only the good one are prefered to attend the show?thats unfair.
The host explained that Jobert supposedly made a comment on air claiming that Wowowee gets “dumb” people as its audience. “You know, Jobert, you need to honor this program. Everyday you hit me in the magazine and DZMM. You know how much Wowowee earned? We help special children ,our guest. Hit this, sige! you've nothing to do but to hit me,so just hit me not the show.ok.”

Willie Revillame said he’s had enough of showbiz columnist/host Jobert Sucaldito, whom he accused of continually firing negative criticisms against him. The TV host lambasted Sucaldito on his noontime program May 4.
Jobert said he's just only doing his work.Is that right?yes or no.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Young actor Baron Geisler on Sunday denied that he sexually harassed television host Julia Clarete during a party in a Quezon City bar last April 10.

Is that True?Well let's find out.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Nice to hear your voice Jericho.and wow your singing so well.Congrats
You're so lucky you happy for you.I'm one of your fans

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good job Shakira...You guys like here too?I guess yes.
Ok guys watch her here.Looking so cool and amazing .What a body.alright.
She dance well and sung well.Congrats Shakira.Hope to be like u .lol
but impossible am a boy.hehehe
so just admiring

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes good to see this Movie ...Stairway to heaven.How great but sad to think...My tears drop down.Oh my gosh terrible scene,too long and full of secret...just guess what?Oh exciting diba?
ok see the video here for sure ,you can express what u felt.Oh it was the best love story drama I watch but so sad.This drama is so good,,,sad yes but you will love it! Their love was so true .Amazing story very wonderful.So proud.


Kwon Sang Woo as Cha Song-ju
Choi Ji Woo as Han Jung-suh
Kim Tae Hee as Han Yu-ri
Shin Hyun Joon as Han Tae-hwa

Extended Cast

Lee Hui Hyang as Tae Mira (Tae-hwa & Yuri’s mother)
Ha Jae Young as Han Su-ha (Jung-suh’s father)
Kim Ji Sook as Chairman Min Suh-hyun (Song-ju’s mother)
Jung Han Yong as Han Pil-su (Tae-hwa & Yuri’s father)
Baek Sung Hyun as young Cha Song-ju
Park Shin Hye as young Han Jung-suh/Kim Ji-su
Lee Wan as young Han Tae-hwa/Han Chul-su
Park Ji Mi as young Han Yuri

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My gosh ,He is Ogie Alcasid a comedian actor.hmnnnnnn
I saw him always in the movie.Wow ha...He is so funny.So many action and thoughts you gonna laugh.Oh yes.
Congratulations Ogie,I am so proud of you.Ang kulit mo kasi eh.
Thanks for making us know laughter is the best medicine .So keep up the good work.God bless.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nice couple if possible but i dont think so if they both belong to each other because as I heard they break-up.But Angel Locsin gave special present or surprised gift to her x-boyfriend Luis Manzano...Oh guess what?
Okey let's find out to the next round
Just keep in touch.Hang on.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wow what a nice scene if possible that their projects get done.I want to see them three acting a drama .Magkaribal is one of the best fighting show between two girls with one
Derek Ramsay is the selected actor to perform the drama "Magkaribal",he was been excited in his upcoming teleserye as magkaribal already because he will play a very oriented ha nice di ba?Hope it gonna be soon.

About the two actresses With Bea and Gretchen.
With Bea he said...He was very, very comfortable with her. How many times I with her working and we do teasing each other in the set. But with Gretchen, I was very scared at first. I was very intimidated for she’s Gretchen Barretto and she have a strong presence.
“She is very intimidating. Especially when she get inside the room she has strong presence. You know she has there, so I don’t think that will ever change. So I need to learn myself ,to force myself and motivate myself to act or perform well.

However some workshops have already helped Ramsay to feel more at ease with the actress. “they have workshops last week that ice-breaker too . Ramsay said...I am comfortable. I’ll correct myself, I’m more comfortable with Gretchen now.”

The actor also clarified the answer he gave during the April 18 episode of “The Buzz” where he said there is a big chance that he would fall in love with Barretto if they were both single.oh my gosh so wonderful but not good because they both not available.hehehe
Gretchen has her life already and Ramsay has his life too.So both are not able to fall in love.But if they both are single then we can say , they have a big chance to each other to fall in love.Oh yeah

Derek Ramsay admitted in the same interview that Barretto is one the most hot and desirable actresses today. “It’s not just the physical looks, it’s the whole package. She walks into the room and you can feel her presence. I’ve said this before, I only know a couple of women who can do that… si Gretchen, si Kris Aquino, Maricel Soriano, my mom at syempre si Angel Panganiban.” Oh yeah
Very interesting right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great pair , a Loveteam.I'd trully admire them both.They we're lovely , beautiful and
Ok guys ,you want them too?For me I like them both as loveteam and I am always watching their scene.Yes fallin' in love .lol

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who do you want to compare with Kim chiu?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey guys,Who was a good pair a loveteam? Lauren Young and Aj Perez or Sam Concepcion and Lauren?Oh yeah...For me if am going to choose ,well gonna chose Aj and lauren a good loveteam.
alright guys,who do u want?smile
Nice show ...real great.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wow congratulation Sam,you are a good singer and I really admire your personality and talent.You're so pogi plus kind and Godfearing.Yes I wanna say thanks for that.Keep up the good work.God bless u always and your family.I am so proud of you Sam.Not only me but all filipinos.Yes thats rights.
How about you guys ,do you admire Sam Concepcion,for his wonderful voice and personality? I guess yes.OK smile

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yes KC Concepcion was finally accepted an offer to be the third major host of showbiz talk show “The Buzz.”
KC and the three ABS-CBN executives signed a deal on Friday night after the two parties were able to iron out the contract issues and details of her new hosting job.
“The Buzz” made the announcement on Sunday when the show threw a birthday party for the actress. She turned 25 on April 07.
She promised a “bigger, bolder and braver” entertainment show.One of the great honor that she'll be working in the buzz and be with her tita Kris Aquino as well as Tito Boy Abunda that forever she watch in Tv show.And she added said.It's just so exciting to be part of the show.“This is a new adventure for me and for you guys also. Thank you very much and hope we all enjoy at every Sunday,”

KC Concepcion is the daughter Megastar Sharon Cuneta and first husband actor Gabby Concepcion.
When she was 18 years old, she was a VJ for MTV Philippines. She also hosted ABS-CBN's television special "KC: From Paris to Pinas," her first television project for the Kapamilya network and that was wonderful.
She said“I feel like I’m coming home,”.

The announcement ended weeks of speculations regarding Ruffa Gutierrez's replacement. The speculations started after Gutierrez left the Kapamilya network for TV5 last month.Yes Ruffa Guttierrez's was one of the "The buzz host.Of course she was been out of the show its because of the controversy made of her and Kris.hmn
okey thats all for now,baboo.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

During the enterview, Georgina Wilson said that the reports is not true,between Willie and her .She adding and said that only they we're both friends.We are just friends and he did not courting me.

She also clarified reports saying that she will be one of the newest co-hosts of Wowowee.
She admitted she has been offered to be a co-host, but she has not yet decided whether to accept the job.
Aside from Wowewee, She said she has been receiving offers to do other TV projects.
She don't know what she really wanted to do. There are offers for soaps but she is not an actress. Although she gonna do workshop for now.

Aside from the commercial Model Georgina Wilson, the model Isabella Daza was also offered to co-host "Wowowee."wow ha...its a big opportunity if they do.But I don't know why they refused.Maybe something wrong or just many reason behind.

Well let's continue...In the interview, Daza confirmed she was personally asked by Revillame, but she refused the offer since she's not yet ready for TV.Ah ok thats the point why Daza refuses the offer because she is not ready for it.yeah

"Actually, she's been invited to be a host in Wowowee but there's so many beautiful hosts already,and she don't want to include herself.
Just like Georgina Wilson, Daza believes she's not yet ready to do television projects, but she might consider such offers after she finishes schooling.

Anyway why does the comedian tv host Willie Revillame wants to add Tv host again?How about Mariel,Valerie and Pokwang? They will be fired or still stay?Ohhhhhh ok that was awesome.Let's find out.Are you guys are fond of watching Wowowee?So hang on.
Ok that's all for now.See you round guy's take care.