Friday, August 13, 2010

The Primary Host of Wowowee the Actor Robin Padilla...oh fallin in love to the host Ms. Mariel Rodriguez.

Do you know guys that Ms. Mariel Rodriguez the Wowowee host and Actor Robin Padilla is now fallin' in love?Oh yeah
I was heard the news that they attract feelings to each other.Oh i vote for them.They look so perfect couple if possible but the saddest thing is that Robin was already married to another and they have children's.But the lucky thing there is Mariel can just accept what Robin situation is.
Well let me say Robin now is separated with his ex-wife.I mean they broke relationship already so there was no controversial ha...exciting
Hope everything goes right with both of your love Mariel and Robin.I love you both...I saw you in wowowee and this video will stole my heart babes.hmnnn
Mariel is the girlfriend of Zanjoe Morado but maybe they don't mean't for each other .As i know Mariel is the one who is in love with Zanjoe and Zanjoe is not definitely in love because according to the news Mariel is the one who give gifts to Sanjo.OH no...thats not right.
But now...Mariel is lucky to the love of Robin,because i saw in the video they capture that Robin Gives Mariel a diamond how nice.Oh exciting to both of them.Idol astig Robin is now very in love to Mariel.Keep going and Congrats to both of you.muah
You guys like them to be together?


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