Monday, September 20, 2010

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Hey guys whats-up...what's the matter of getting misunderstanding?Hope both of my idol will have their reconciliation sooner.Hmnnn
According to what I heard is Toni get upset to her intimate friend Mariel Rodriguez.oh no
Speculations abound that Gonzaga and Rodriguez’s feud began after the cancellation of "The Buzz" host's movie project with Robin Padilla.

Rumors also have it that Rodriguez had been badmouthing Gonzaga, prompting the latter to confront the “E-Live” host.

Gonzaga maintained that there is no truth to the rumors. Up until today, however, she is keeping her mouth shut with regard to what caused the misunderstanding.

She explained that she doesn’t want the issue to be blown out of proportion. She also said she doesn’t want to drag other people into the controversy.

Time comes Toni had always saying she's doing ok before but the truth is she got hurt, but for now it has been enough to her to accept the reality that she feel bad.
Anyway this time she said ...She's now on the healing process.hmn

She is not closing her doors though to a possible reconciliation with Rodriguez. She said she just needs time to heal before she can speak with Rodriguez again.yes of course that's right.

“She's waiting for the day they can talk. She want to make everything clear not only by text coz too far but by personal in the E-Live.
She added: “hope in time everything be settled. Si Mariel tinuring ko yang kapatid at kapamilya ko. Hindi na siguro mawawala sa akin ‘yon.”

Friday, September 17, 2010

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Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez tie knots in Ibaloi ,Christian rites .The first was an Ibaloi ceremony called Mambunong, wherein both underwent sacred rituals, including a pig sacrifice in which the slaughtered animal’s blood was placed on their cheeks to legalize their union; a tayaw dance to announce and celebrate their marriage, and the drinking of tapuy wine to symbolize their love.Robin mother, Eva Cariño-Padilla, is an Igorot.

In a report aired in TV Patrol on Thursday, Robin only wore a bahag while Mariel was in a woven ethnic wedding dress.
Present during the Ibaloi wedding at Camp Seven were Robin’s relatives from his mother’s side and son, Ali. The rites were officiated by local mamburao or priest Jimmy Ong, who thought he was just doing it for a movie. He added in an ABS-CBN report that Robin called him to officiate the rites just to make Mariel believe that he was an Igorot.Robin then married Mariel again later in the day before a Christian pastor.Mariel is Robin’s second wife after his divorce in Australia with first partner Liezl Sicangco, with whom he has four children—Queenie, Kylie, Zhenzhen, and Ali. It was not reported if his marriage to Liezl had already been annulled in the Philippines.oh yeah guys i want to express my greetings to Robin and Mariel.Congratulation.Wishing you both best luck and good health always.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marian Rivera

According to reports, this top female star not only berated and humiliated the neophyte actress, she also held her hostage in a resort toilet. If this is true,then Who’s the hapless beginner?Bela Padilla, a show biz newcomer who is from the famous show biz clan.This is the climax of a series of incidents Bela’s camp alleged in recent interviews with media. The supposed harassment, Bela’s talent manager Claire dela Fuente said, happened in the last three months while Marian and Bela were taping episodes for the primetime drama series they star together, GMA-7’s “Endless Love.”Yes thats right...So now what will be the cause? According to the insiders it's the result of jealousy when that Bela’s love scenes with Marian’s real-life boyfriend Dingdong Dantes had incensed the top GMA female artist to no end. oh no why being jealous ha? because Bela plays Dingdong’s girlfriend in current episodes of the series.
For now...The most serious charge against Marian is for locking Bela up in a public toilet at the Fontana Resort in Pampanga during one of their tapings.After doing a love scene with Dingdong, Bela was “ordered” to get into the toilet. “Pasok,” Marian was again quoted by Claire in her interview with PEP. Bela followed, only because she thought it was an opportunity to straighten things out with Marian and make peace.But what happen...Claire said Marian then locked the door and pushed Bela to a corner then dragged her to a sink. Marian then pointed a finger in Bela’s face saying: “’Ang landi-landi mo! Ang pangit-pangit mo! Kahit kailan, huwag mong iiisipin na mai-insecure ako sa ‘yo! Hindi ka magugustuhan ni Dingdong kasi diring-diri ‘yan kapag may eksena kayo!”Thats all for now...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Friday, September 10, 2010

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

hi guys am surfing the net and looking for my idol in the youtube.And now I found his old video Mr.Jeric Raval which one of my best gwapo na idol.hmn
You guys miss him?For me i miss him,wish he gonna make more movies.Oh where is he now?
Oh yes he has a face similarity with Robin Padilla astig and handsome.Para silang magkapatid.
Miss watching his movies.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi guys,,,do you know what happen to Young actress Kim chiu now?Oh it was news that she want to take her own life after breaking up with her long time-on-partner rumored boyfriend Gerald Anderson.Oh now how can she do that.I know kim can't do ,She is still young and i know she love her family ,career ,and friends.Yes that's right.
Now guys,according to the news ,Gerald Anderson is also rumored to be courting Bea Alonzo.oh really.Well in an interview Kim chiu said that she is willing to support them if where they we're happy.But maybe she feel jealous.
So therefore now ,I heard that she commit to attempt suicide the reason why is because of breaking up with Gerald Anderson.
Kim and Gerald are both young and they couldn't build serious relationship.But they only have special relationship.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I just missing Willie Revillame the former wowowee host.His good to make people laugh with his amazing ability.I watch this old videos that made on january 2010.I miss also their games...oh yeah in this video you can see beautiful and handsome artist in ABS-CBN.You want to know?then just watch.thanks
As for me here am enjoying watching them .Congrats very enjoyable.Anyway This time/day is Willie B-day therefore you can see Willie is ,very very happy.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh yeah Guys just hang on....lets watch Magkaribal Movie in the
The best actresses are here.Let's find-out how and what is love,how it going if you have Karibal or conflict in love.hmn maybe it's nice to watch this.
Well ...come on...Actresses.Gretchen Barreto, Bea Alonzo ,Angel Aquino,Erich Gonzales...Actors...Derek Ramsay and Enchong Dee.Ok guys enjoy I did.