Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi guys,,,do you know what happen to Young actress Kim chiu now?Oh it was news that she want to take her own life after breaking up with her long time-on-partner rumored boyfriend Gerald Anderson.Oh now how can she do that.I know kim can't do ,She is still young and i know she love her family ,career ,and friends.Yes that's right.
Now guys,according to the news ,Gerald Anderson is also rumored to be courting Bea Alonzo.oh really.Well in an interview Kim chiu said that she is willing to support them if where they we're happy.But maybe she feel jealous.
So therefore now ,I heard that she commit to attempt suicide the reason why is because of breaking up with Gerald Anderson.
Kim and Gerald are both young and they couldn't build serious relationship.But they only have special relationship.


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