Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wow what a nice scene if possible that their projects get done.I want to see them three acting a drama .Magkaribal is one of the best fighting show between two girls with one boy...lol
Derek Ramsay is the selected actor to perform the drama "Magkaribal",he was been excited in his upcoming teleserye as magkaribal already because he will play a very oriented role.wow ha nice di ba?Hope it gonna be soon.

About the two actresses With Bea and Gretchen.
With Bea he said...He was very, very comfortable with her. How many times I with her working and we do teasing each other in the set. But with Gretchen, I was very scared at first. I was very intimidated for she’s Gretchen Barretto and she have a strong presence.
“She is very intimidating. Especially when she get inside the room she has strong presence. You know she has there, so I don’t think that will ever change. So I need to learn myself ,to force myself and motivate myself to act or perform well.

However some workshops have already helped Ramsay to feel more at ease with the actress. “they have workshops last week that ice-breaker too . Ramsay said...I am comfortable. I’ll correct myself, I’m more comfortable with Gretchen now.”

The actor also clarified the answer he gave during the April 18 episode of “The Buzz” where he said there is a big chance that he would fall in love with Barretto if they were both single.oh my gosh so wonderful but not good because they both not available.hehehe
Gretchen has her life already and Ramsay has his life too.So both are not able to fall in love.But if they both are single then we can say , they have a big chance to each other to fall in love.Oh yeah

Derek Ramsay admitted in the same interview that Barretto is one the most hot and desirable actresses today. “It’s not just the physical looks, it’s the whole package. She walks into the room and you can feel her presence. I’ve said this before, I only know a couple of women who can do that… si Gretchen, si Kris Aquino, Maricel Soriano, my mom at syempre si Angel Panganiban.” Oh yeah
Very interesting right?


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