Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctors have a lot to learn before they can be doctors, but they also have a lot to share with others after they are licensed doctors. Unfortunately just because someone is a good doctor doesn't mean that they are also a good teacher. Fortunately this problem has been addressed and answered. Oxford Medical now offers a medical teaching course for doctors to help them pass on the valuable knowledge that they have. This medical teaching course will help doctors gain training in the theory of adult education, teach them different learning styles, how to deal with difficult students, how to perfect their presentation skills, and much more.

This medical teach the teacher course for doctors is available monthly in Oxford and London. These courses are delivered by expert clinicians and educationalists to small groups so each individual gets the special attention they need to become accomplished teachers. After completion each participant will receive a certificate for their portfolio, plus a study leave receipt so they can possibly be reimbursed from their institution.

The teach the teacher course is offered in 2 day classes, and there is a 3 day management course for doctors. Oxford provides professional and expert education to help doctors learn to share their knowledge. If you are a doctor and want to improve your teaching skills, I urge you to check this out!


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