Saturday, April 10, 2010

During the enterview, Georgina Wilson said that the reports is not true,between Willie and her .She adding and said that only they we're both friends.We are just friends and he did not courting me.

She also clarified reports saying that she will be one of the newest co-hosts of Wowowee.
She admitted she has been offered to be a co-host, but she has not yet decided whether to accept the job.
Aside from Wowewee, She said she has been receiving offers to do other TV projects.
She don't know what she really wanted to do. There are offers for soaps but she is not an actress. Although she gonna do workshop for now.

Aside from the commercial Model Georgina Wilson, the model Isabella Daza was also offered to co-host "Wowowee."wow ha...its a big opportunity if they do.But I don't know why they refused.Maybe something wrong or just many reason behind.

Well let's continue...In the interview, Daza confirmed she was personally asked by Revillame, but she refused the offer since she's not yet ready for TV.Ah ok thats the point why Daza refuses the offer because she is not ready for it.yeah

"Actually, she's been invited to be a host in Wowowee but there's so many beautiful hosts already,and she don't want to include herself.
Just like Georgina Wilson, Daza believes she's not yet ready to do television projects, but she might consider such offers after she finishes schooling.

Anyway why does the comedian tv host Willie Revillame wants to add Tv host again?How about Mariel,Valerie and Pokwang? They will be fired or still stay?Ohhhhhh ok that was awesome.Let's find out.Are you guys are fond of watching Wowowee?So hang on.
Ok that's all for now.See you round guy's take care.


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