Monday, July 5, 2010

Hi guys,after Willie Revillame going out to Wowowee hosting,there was Robin Padilla set as temporary host and his doing good job ,Luis Manzano too and now there was another one to hold the hosting and no other than Cesar Montano.I wish Wowowee hosting shall be good na.I don't want to have change and change the said
But anyway just depend on the Management of Wowowee and to the people who's fond of wowowee program.What they like is to be right.Ok guys the management of Wowowee choose Cesar Montano the said Host this month and hope he will be the best.Good luck.I wish he can do the best as much as Willie did.He is the host in singing Bee and he did great.Congrats
And May you guys always watching wowowee even there was so many changes done.
Anyway guys,just remember that even how many times wowowee have made changes,I tell you ...wowowee is the best!Kaya Heep-heep... Horey!So pls. be


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