Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940 at the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco's Chinatown. His father Lee Hoi-Chuen was Chinese, and his mother Grace Ho was of Chinese and German ancestry. He was a Chinese American and Hong Kong actor, martial artist, philosopher, film director, screenwriter, practitioner of Wing Chun and founder of the Jeet Kune Do concept. He was the fourth child of five children: Agnus, Phoebe, Peter, and Robert. Lee and his parents returned to Hong Kong when he was three months old.Bruce Lee's Cantonese given name was Lee Jun Fan The English name "Bruce" was thought to be given by the hospital attending physician, Dr. Mary Glover.

Bruce Lee had three other Chinese names: Li Yuan-Xin a family/clan name, Li Yuan Jian as a student name while attending La Salle College, and of course his Chinese stage name Li Xiao Long (Xiao Long - meaning small dragon). The Jun Fan name was originally written in Chinese as, however this Jun was identical to part of his grandfather's name , which was considered taboo in Chinese tradition. Therefore, Bruce Lee's name was changed to homonym/synonym.Bruce's father, Lee Hoi Chuen was one of the leading Cantonese opera and film actors at the time, and was embarking on a year-long Cantonese opera tour with his family on the eve of the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong during the Second World War. Lee Hoi Chuen had been touring the United States for many years performing at numerous Chinese communities.
Bruce Lee was become and actor of martial arts.Yeah great.Congrats to you .


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