Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey guys whats-up...what's the matter of getting misunderstanding?Hope both of my idol will have their reconciliation sooner.Hmnnn
According to what I heard is Toni get upset to her intimate friend Mariel Rodriguez.oh no
Speculations abound that Gonzaga and Rodriguez’s feud began after the cancellation of "The Buzz" host's movie project with Robin Padilla.

Rumors also have it that Rodriguez had been badmouthing Gonzaga, prompting the latter to confront the “E-Live” host.

Gonzaga maintained that there is no truth to the rumors. Up until today, however, she is keeping her mouth shut with regard to what caused the misunderstanding.

She explained that she doesn’t want the issue to be blown out of proportion. She also said she doesn’t want to drag other people into the controversy.

Time comes Toni had always saying she's doing ok before but the truth is she got hurt, but for now it has been enough to her to accept the reality that she feel bad.
Anyway this time she said ...She's now on the healing process.hmn

She is not closing her doors though to a possible reconciliation with Rodriguez. She said she just needs time to heal before she can speak with Rodriguez again.yes of course that's right.

“She's waiting for the day they can talk. She want to make everything clear not only by text coz too far but by personal in the E-Live.
She added: “hope in time everything be settled. Si Mariel tinuring ko yang kapatid at kapamilya ko. Hindi na siguro mawawala sa akin ‘yon.”


kimmyschemy said...

hmmm.. wish everything turns out well between them..

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