Friday, April 9, 2010

Wow what a wonderful life you've got Melissa.You become a big winner in Pbb (Pinoy Big Brother) and was received many blessings ,a house ,money,and most especially a boyfriend.And that makes her very happy.Yes congratulations to you again.She was so proud of her life now .Being the big winner in Pbb and the winner of love.oh yes she's real good.According to the news She was really very comfortable with her life now not like before.She doesn't expect she got all the blessings that she even not wish for life.But then in her life now ,she said she has no wishes at all because all she wanted she already have ,over and over happiness she has in life now.(Wala na po talaga akong mawi-wish kasi over over happiness na ang nangyari sa buhay ko. Nanalo na ako ng bahay, nanalo na ako ng pera, nanalo pa ako ng boyfriend. Lahat na lang over over ang pagka-panalo. Talagang parang wala ng kapantay," she said.)
Ok till here now,baboo.


Onchobob Umbriak said...

Whats a PBB?

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